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It’s sort of a bittersweet time. In several months my own daughter will getting ready for college. Your kids might be doing the same. They may be simply moving out into the world on their own.  Helping them get all set up with some of the greatest picks from Best Buy gives you that transition period to let it all sink it and celebrate! Maybe you’re a little like me and you knew it was coming but it felt like a long time off.

I would share a photo of here of my Mister, but he'd kill me. He might let me photograph an arm while it's showing off a recipe he's making on the grill. Maybe a foot that accidentally gets into the photo. But he's not much of a fan of fame, lol. So - instead, I'll just have to tell you about my favorite guy, and some of the awesome gifts he helped inspire as I put together this epic Father's Day gift ideas list.

Not sure what to get dad this Father's Day? You may want to consider the Season 1 collection of HBO's True Detective! It's available at Best Buy on June 10th!

HBO at Best Buy

I don't typically watch a lot of television series, but HBO has some very addicting shows! I was a huge fan of Six Feet Under, which is probably my favorite television series of all time. And it's something completely un-like me, too. Death, darkness, funeral homes? For some reason I couldn't stop watching it. It was my guilty pleasure.

Best Buy is one of those places that offers an absolute galore of #GreatestMOM gifts any season of the year. I was especially excited when the folks from Best Buy came to me to pick the best loved gift for myself. Being a mom who loves active lifestyle, I went straight into the Fitness Mom section of the store to explore some of these best picks of the season

Best Buy has a wonderful selection of gifts for Mother’s Day. I’m showcasing a selection of my favorite gifts for the Foodie and/or Adventure mom. Foodie moms can cook a celebrity chef under the table and Adventure moms are always looking for the next great family adventure.

Years ago I bought a new TV that allowed for an internet connection (wired of course) so I plugged it in. I remember being so excited about being able to surf the web on my TV! After I turned it on the first time and saw how hard it was to interact with the browser using a conventional remote & never touched it again. However I never lost the desire to surf the web using my big screen! Then about a year ago I bought a new Smart TV which is much easier to use because of the apps but typing on a conventional remote is nothing short of torture!

I’m a bit of a sports and stats junky. If you’re like me, simply watching the games on TV isn’t enough. I crave interactivity with my teams – both virtual and real. That’s why my screen of choice is my tablet. It’s my portable lifeline to all things sports-related.

   It's that time of the year again when March Madness provides nail-biting excitement, unbelievable come-from-behind victories, spectacular upsets, the ups, the downs, and everything in between.

March Madness is back!  Have YOU got it?

As #TheOfficialTwitterPartyDJ on Twitter, and a lifelong Music lover and all things audiophile, when hot Audio and even hotter music combine it's got MY name written all over it! From March 2nd through MY BIRTHDAY, 4/4, Best Buy will feature one month of audio specials and deals, events and more! The month of March is when you will find the best offers on Audio Products at local Best Buy locations, and there will be in-store demonstrations that will teach you to upgrade your Home Audio with the latest and greatest for your space! Come on down and HEAR the difference for yourself!

From March 2, 2014- April 4, 2014 Best Buy will be hosting their March Audio Fest. This is where you can learn more about enhancing your home entertainment experience and find out what components would make your sound quality better. There will be special deals and pricing on select audio products, and you can test out some great products by visiting a Best Buy location near you.

Most of the carpet in our house has been replaced with laminate flooring. We still have one room with carpet, but for the most part it's laminate throughout. Finding ways to keep the laminate floors dust and pet hair free has been challenging. I thought having a short hair dog would mean that I wouldn't have to be cleaning up pet hair every 5 seconds. Boy, oh boy, was I wrong. Pippie, for having really short hair, sheds like crazy.


I first tried the Dyson DC59 at an event last week. They actually had the handheld vacuum from another company that I have been using in my home, one I had received for review last year, to compare it with. It worked well enough, but it didn’t seem to have even half the pick-up and suction that the Dyson had, as we vacuumed up some powder from the demo floor. I was thrilled to see how well the Dyson DC59 worked vs. a competitor, it really showed the difference in power!


Did  you make fitness one of your goals in the new year? I told myself that I need to get out of the house five days a week for a walk/run. The easiest time I have found for me to do this is right after I put one child on the bus…because I have alone time for about forty minutes. No stroller I need to push! No constant questions about every neighbor’s yard we pass by. I can listen to my music!

The New Year is here and it is a great time to improve your fitness routine. My morning fitness routine is to ride my bike for 30 minutes, run for 30 minutes, and stretch for 10 minutes. Morning exercise gives a boost to my energy level for the day. I have been doing a great job on my fitness goals to consistently bike and run. Still, I am always looking for the latest fitness trends to keep me motivated. 


Best Buy is celebrating Lunar New Year with Best Buy E-Gift Cards inspired by this holiday! Best Buy supports events which they believe are of importance to employees, customers, and communities. The upcoming Lunar New Year, also popularly called as Chinese New Year, is one of those important celebrations. Having Chinese blood in me, I truly appreciate this gesture from Best Buy. For Asians around the globe, including Asian-Americans, Lunar New Year not only celebrates the beginning of the year but also the ending of Winter and the anticipated arrival of Spring.

Where will you be doing your holiday shopping this year?
How about Best Buy for all of your technology needs?

I’m hoping Best Buy is your holiday shopping destination of choice for all your technology and appliance product gifting needs this year. As a regular patron, let me share why.   A couple of things that come to mind are free store pick up, a fabulous holiday showroom  —- and we can’t forget forget their low price guarantee, and more choices means more savings, which in turn means MORE gifts!

With the Holidays fast approaching (where did October and November go?) now is the time that everyone has shopping on their mind.  The holidays are also one of the most popular times for electronics!  Let Best Buy be your one stop shopping destination for everyone on your list!

We got rid of our land line a long time ago and depend on our cellular services.  While we love our cellular services, there are definitely a few things that could be improved such as contracts, pricing, and even the sales pressure at stores. Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores and Zact understand my concerns and have come out with some great options that are quickly evolving the cellular market for customers! 

Let me share a few highlights that are perfect for trendy moms and their families:

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